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If you are looking for a professional business broker to work with in Tampa, Florida, then Dave Britton at Lobo Business Sales LLC is who you will want call.

With over 15 years experience of helping people sell almost every type of small business, there is a proven and successful system to help entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their business in Tampa, Florida.

Simply put, he is a very down to earth gentlemen that knows his stuff.

Dave is a proud veteran, husband, father, and serial entrepreneur.

During his off time, he enjoys rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, taking the family to Disney, and a relaxing with an ice cold Dr. Pepper.

Business Brokerage Services

sell a business

  • Sell your Restaurant

  • Sell your Manufacturing Business

  • Sell your Landscape Business

  • Sell your Liquor Store or Bar

  • Sell your Gas Station

  • Sell your Delivery Route

  • Sell your Home Based Business

value a business

  • See how much your business is worth in today's market

  • Get a list of comparable sales in your business market

  • Broker Price Opinions for small businesses up to $5 Million

  • Referral service for M&A valuations

buy a business

  • Search businesses for sale in Tampa

  • Search businesses for sale that earn over $300,000 per year

  • Search Manufacturing Businesses for sale

  • Search Businesses for Sale that have been lender pre-qualified

  • Register for FREE buyer email alerts that match your search parameters!

do you own a business in tampa you want to sell?

Get a free initial consultation and exit strategy call.

One of the best things you can do when considering the sale of your business is to speak with a professional business broker.

We offer a free, confidential, and no obligation initial consultation.

>>> Learn more about the steps to sell your business here.

If you've been thinking about Selling your Business, you may be wondering:

→ Who would want to Buy my Business?

→ What is my Business worth?

→ Where do I go to get help?

→ Why should I hire a Business Broker instead of doing it myself?

→ How do I actually Sell my Business while I'm running the Business?

What you can expect when you hire Lobo Business Sales LLC to Sell your Business:

→ Price Opinion and Value Assessment.

Your initial consultation is complementary & we include a broker price opinion with your engagement. This provides you with the data based supported knowledge to make an informative decision on where you would like to price the business for sale in the marketplace.

→ Confidentiality.

We utilize Non Disclosure Agreements, have initial advertising that does not disclose the name or location of your business, and only proceed with inquires after they have signed a non disclosure agreement.

→ Pre-Screen Buyers.

We secure non-disclosure agreements on all inquiries for confidential information, which includes the name and location of your business. Only buyers who have secured a non-disclosure agreement & provide financial capability to purchase are invited to explore your business for sale. For specific requirements (i.e., licenses, experience in field, etc.), we also screen these items so only pre-qualified buyers are invited to explore further details.

→ Professional Marketing materials.

We include several marketing materials including - confidential one page introduction sheets and full overview packets for serious potential purchasers.

→ Placement on the MLS of Florida for business sales.

This allows co-brokering to over 1000 business brokers in our network

→ Placement of your Business for Sale in the Largest Business for Sale Network of Websites.

This gains exposure to some of the largest buyer pools & active Private Equity Firms looking to purchase small businesses.

→ Placement of your Business for Sale throughout Social Media Channels.

This provides our registered buyer network & followers to be notified that a potential business match is made.

are you curious if you have a business you can sell?

This is a common question when business owners are in the beginning stages of selling their business. Typically, this is well before even wanting to speak to a business broker, accountant, or attorney about selling the business.

Simply put, it is just the stage where a business our is curious.

In this video, local Tampa Business Broker Dave Britton discusses the Six Questions you can ask yourself to see if you can sell your business.

The video is just over 20 minutes in length, and you can view at your leisure.

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