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Good solution for those looking at guidance on positioning the sale in the future, and those looking for M&A consulting over $5 Million in Gross Sales.

The Coach.

Why does a professional athlete have a coach? It's a fair assumption that the athlete already KNOWS what to do, has the TOOLS to do what needs to be done, and ABILITY to do it already..... so why does almost 100% of the top performers in anything have a Coach?


It's 3 things - Accountability, Learning Focus, and Motivation.

Businesses are no different. The ones who are serious about elevating their performance, also have Coaches. Some may be called Consultants, some Performance Advisors, but in the end... they are there to make the Good in a Person become GREAT.

Yes, You Can Do It! Think BIG!

  • Planning a future business sale is almost as important as the sale itself. By properly positioning your business for optimal exit, you are elevating the most likely sale price and increasing the percentages of a successful sale.

  • Customized subscriptions tailored to the business exit strategy are implemented.

  • Long tail process and systematic review of inter-term goals.

  • Unique solutions tailored to clientele's specific outcome sought.

  • Fee is $500 per hour, billed upfront in 5 block units.

"Teams WIN games - Teams WIN in Business"

Dave Britton, CBI / Lobo Business Sales LLC


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