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Our Professional Services Offered

- 3 Laser Focused Options for Your OPTIMAL Results -

#1 - Business Brokerage

Buy or Sell a Business in Tampa, Florida.

Professional Business Brokerage - Middle Market

Good solution for those looking to buy or sell a business in the Upper Main Street to Lower Middle Market arena, typically those businesses with $1 Million to $5 Million in gross sales.

Dave Britton, CBI (Certified Business Intermediary with the International Business Brokers Association) has experience working with Private Equity Groups, Partnerships, and Entrepreneur Sole Practitioners.

Initial consultation is complementary and confidential.

#2 - Business Consulting

Professional Business Coaching.

M&A Business Consulting and Coaching

Good solution for those looking at guidance on positioning the sale in the future, scaling a business through acquisitions, and those looking for M&A consulting over $5 Million.

Instead of an immediate go to market scenarios, some businesses are better suited for a well positioned exit strategy in the future.

Dave is the expert in navigating companies for optimal exit.

#3 - Business Valuations

Find out what your Business is Worth.

Business Calculation of Value and Evaluation

Good solution for those Business Owners who need to know what their business is worth - from general main street businesses (under $1 Million in Gross Sales) to larger scale businesses in the upper main street, middle market, and lower middle market arena (over $2 Million in market value an up).

Broker Price Opinion with Comparative Market Sales and Full Service 3rd Party Referral Options are Available.

Meet Dave Britton, CBI

Your Business Broker Expert for Businesses Sales within $1 Million - $5 Million of Market Value

With so many business brokers in Tampa, Florida to choose from, why should you choose Lobo Business Sales LLC as your trusted M&A Business Broker to handle your Acquisition or Exit Strategy in the Middle Market?

I'm Dave Britton and I founded Lobo Business Sales LLC to cater to those seeking a Professional Business Broker to work with.

Like most Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, You have a unique vision of the future and the next chapter of your life's journey. Whether it's the perfectly timed sale of your business so you can move on to the next chapter of your life, or a strategic business purchase so you can leave the corporate world and take control of your future.

Bottom-line.... I can help you get there.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you achieve your acquisition or exit strategy goals.

I primarily work with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with Business Sales and Consulting that have $1 Million to $5 Million in Gross Sales. This is commonly referred to as Middle Market. This is the niche market arena which is typically more complex than most traditional business brokers cater to (under $1 Million in gross sales), yet not large enough in the growth cycle for typical investment banks or larger scale M&A firms (over $5 Million in gross sales minimum). I can provide a professional referral and offer business consulting for those outside of this niche arena. A menu of my professional services offered are highlighted on this homepage and our menu.

As for myself and in keeping it brief - I hold a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation from the International Business Brokers Association and have over 15 years experience in representing clients exit strategies. I've enjoyed past ventures as a stockbroker on Wall Street, and started my adulthood as a sailor in the US Navy, which I was honorably discharged. I'm a husband, a father, and yes... even a book author. I've bought, operated, and sold a few businesses, and I'm a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan - Go BUCS!

If your looking to buy or sell a business, and want a Professional Business Broker to work with ... let's chat.

Feel free to call with me at your leisure. I can be reached direct at 813-395-9552, or you can book a future call on a day and time that is good for you.

Thank you for visiting - I am looking forward to working with you!

"Hi, I'm Dave Britton. I'm the one you call when you want to buy or sell a business in the mirco middle market.

($1M ~ $5M Area)

Dave Britton, CBI

Certified Business Intermediary

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When Buying or Selling a Business, choose to work with those who have the highest credentials, hire a Certified Business Intermediary.

Why you should work with a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI)

When your looking to buy or sell a business in Tampa, Florida, you have options. You can go it alone, work with a a commerical agent, or choose a professional business broker. If looking at businesses to acquire or exit, a business broker is a better choice. For the best choice, choose a business broker who has attained the highest designation availble in the industry - the Certified Business Intermediary ("CBI") issued from the International Business Brokers Association.

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