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As Professional Business Brokers here in Tampa, we can help you find a business for sale utilizing the many tools available to us including;

  1. Search via the Business Brokers of Florida MLS database - currently the largest group of businesses for sale with co-brokerage relationships throughout Florida. This database is a cooperative of full time, active, and licensed business brokers within the state of Florida. Most businesses offered for sale are showcased here.

  2. Search via the International Business Brokers Association - currently the largest group of professional business brokers with Worldwide representation. This expands search to those seeking acquires outside of Florida. Members represent businesses throughout the World, and most provide co-brokerage agreements for other brokers within the IBBA.

  3. FREE Buyer Email Alerts! This is a complementary service, and offers participants automatic email notification of any business matches via the Business Brokers of Florida MLS system. You can fully customize your search parameters, and opt-in | opt-out at anytime. If you are serious about buying a business, this is a very helpful tool for you to narrow your search and focus on those businesses which have your initial parameters already pre-screened.

  4. Registration as a Buyer - this can offer you to be notified of "off market" opportunities too! For private equity groups and those seeking alternative acquisition strategies outside of traditional main street, this is a must have item.

Additional Thoughts for those looking to Buy a Business.

Buying a Business has several benefits, but also has risk involved. Understanding your own risk vs. reward parameters, allows you to carefully view potential Businesses that meet your criteria. Once this is accomplished, you can focus on the steps to purchasing a Business to meet your pre-determined goals.

Working with Lobo Business Sales LLC allows you to leverage time and resources. With our active membership in the Business Brokers of Florida and the International Business Brokers Association, we have the resources to scout and deliver you potential candidates for your Business purchase.

Buying a Business can prove to be a lucrative investment in yourself. Having the ability to control your own destiny, enjoy potential cash flow and future capital gains are only a few of the benefits owning your own Business can enjoy.

Buy or Start from scratch - which one?

Which is the right path for you?

Watch this video for 5 reasons buying an existing business may be better than starting one from scratch.

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