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Dave Britton, Certified Business Intermediary

Hi, I'm Dave - it's nice to meet you.

After spending over 15 years in the field as an licensed agent, I decided to launch my own firm to provide a boutique business brokerage experience for the serious entrepreneur community.

With extensive credentials, background, and a passion for the small business world success, I look forward to guiding you to the realization of your own entrepreneurial vision.

Whether your looking to buy or sell a business, I can help.

When you're ready, let's talk - just use the "Book a Discovery Call" below.

My initial consultations are complementary and confidential.

On your initial consultation to discuss selling your business, I look to provide you with the following items:

  • Answer any questions you have about the process of selling your business.

  • Provide you with a realistic range of possible exit pricing, based on the general outline of information you provide about your business.

  • Complete an initial scout of current register buyers in the marketplace who have requested to be notified of potential business matches - which could be yours.

  • Discuss most likely exit strategy solutions available and target buyers to be focused on for the acquire of your business.

  • Upon conclusion of your discover call, email you with a list of items requested to complete a formal evaluation to narrow down a suggested go to market pricing.

  • Schedule a follow up call to review pricing, strategy, and let you decide if going to market now or later is your best path to achieve your exit goals.

You can book a discovery call at your convenience. Typical initial consultations will range from 20 to 30 minutes in length. Follow up calls are available as requested.

Sell your business in Tampa, Florida with a local Business Broker to get it Sold Fast!

How much is your business worth, and is there a buyer already looking to purchase your business in Tampa now?

Selling a Business is a path that will allow you to realize the next chapter of your life. Whether that be retirement, scaling back day to day running of a business, moving on to another Business, or simply cashing out your equity. Every Business Sale is unique in nature and is personal to you.

By engaging the Professional Business Brokerage Services of Lobo Business Sales LLC, you are able to utilize the experience, knowledge, and leverage of time to allow a Successful Sale of your Business. We work with a large pool of pre-registered buyers who are consistently looking for quality businesses to buy. Yours could be one of them!

Selling your Business can provide you with the opportunity to realize your dream of freedom to do what you want to do next. It is as much an emotional decision, as it is a financial one. We strive to be the Professional Business Brokerage you engage to achieve this goal.

As Professional Business Brokers, we can help you get your business sold utilizing the many tools available to us.

  • Placement of your Business for Sale on the Business Brokers of Florida Multiple Listing Service. This is the MLS for Businesses - not residential or commercial real estate. If you want to sell your Business in Florida, this is the #1 Tool that allows for co-broker participation from over 1000 licensed business brokers in Florida!

  • Placement of your Business for Sale in the Largest Business for Sale Network of Websites.

  • Placement of your Business for Sale throughout our Social Media Following

  • Professionally completed marketing materials and Business Broker Price Opinion on Value

  • Pre-Screen Buyer Inquires Too!

Take a moment and watch our videos on Selling Your Business in Tampa, Florida with a Professional Business Broker.

Why You Want to Sell your Business on The Way UP!

How to Sell your Business for Top Dollar is as much an Art as it is Science.

In this Video Podcast, host Dave Britton - Business Broker in Tampa, Florida and founder of Lobo Business Sales LLC, discusses one of the most important items when looking to Sell a Business for Top Dollar - and that is simply to Sell Your Business On The Way UP!

Every Entrepreneur wants two things to happen when they sell their business, and those two things are....

#1 Sell for Top Dollar & #2 Actually Sell the Business.

Unfortunately, less than 20% of businesses offered for sale actually sell.

Of those, less than half sell for what they are worth and it's like catching lightning in a bottle to sell a business for a PREMIUM to it's value. So where do over 80% of business owners go wrong when looking to sell their business?


They didn't prepare and learn "How To Sell a Business for Top Dollar"

If your tired of being frustrated, tired of being in the 80% that doesn't sell, and just want to get as much as you can when selling your business.... here are some helpful tips for you.

One of the Most Important Items to Do When Selling your Business is... Sell when your Business is on the Way UP!

This is a BIG one - so pay attention. It is the single factor that places the "Why Now Factor" when offering your business for sale.

Almost every buyer looking to buy a business will look at what the company has done in the past, what the current trend is, and so forth. However, they ACTUALLY BUY based on what they believe the business is going to do over the near term.

It's the CASH FLOW that they can realistically expect over the next 12 to 24 months that triggers the "Buy this Business Now" versus dragging feet, putting in low ball offers, etc.

A serious buyer will want to buy a business that is IMPROVING and on the way UP .... and they will want it now.

If you would like to learn more about Selling Your Business - contact us today by Booking a Discovery Call Here.

With over 15 years of experience and several business sales, Dave Britton is an expert in selling privately held businesses.

Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only. No brokerage relationship is offered by Lobo Business Sales LLC without a mutually accepted and signed engagement agreement. Any business acquire should be carefully thought through for your unique acquisition strategy sought.

3 Top Secret Steps to Sell your Business for Top Dollar!

Sometimes an Entrepreneur and Business Owner is wondering what is the key items in selling their business. Some may be looking to sell their first business, or a seasoned Business Owner may be looking at a well timed Exit Strategy on their Fifth Business.

Whatever is the number, there are some common and proven strategies to place the odds of a successful sale for top dollar in your favor.

This podcast discussion looks to provide a casual overview on same.

Learn the 3 Top Secret Steps to Selling a Business for Top Dollar.

Podcast discussion hosted by Dave Britton, CBI at Lobo Business Sales, LLC.

Looking to Sell your Business? Request your call with Dave today here:

Hosted by Dave Britton, CBI with Lobo Business Sales LLC.

To talk to a Professional Business Broker about buying your first, second, or multiple ventures of businesses, contact Lobo Business Sales LLC @ 813-395-9552.

Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only. No brokerage relationship is offered by Lobo Business Sales LLC without a mutually accepted and signed engagement agreement. Any business acquire should be carefully thought through for your unique acquisition strategy sought. Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved. Lobo Business Sales LLC

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