When you want to sell your business, 

follow the path others have used to get there successfully.

Keep it Simple.

 Step #1

ask yourself if you have a business that someone would want to buy.

What is the point of trying to sell a business that nobody wants? Understand upfront that your business can only sell if it's profitable.

Doing this simple step upfront, will save you time.

Every Business Owner will eventually want to sell their business, however less than 20% of businesses for sale, actually end up selling.  

You want to know upfront if you have a realistic chance of selling your business or not.

This video gives you 6 questions you can ask yourself, which should give you a basic understanding if you have a business that can be sold.

(Video is 21:57 minutes in viewing time)

Step #2

Know what to expect on the path.

Have an idea of the journey, before you start.

The easiest way to know what to expect, is to see what others before you looking for the same result have done successfully.

This video gives a general overview of the process to expect.

(Video is 6:05 minutes in viewing time)

Step #3 

find out what your business is worth.

The most common question asked is simply,

"How much is my business worth?"

Once you have determined that you have a business that someone would realistically want to buy, and you have a general understanding of the process involved in how to sell a business with Lobo Business Sales LLC, then it is time to find out how much the business is worth.

Our business evaluation service will provide you with a professional business broker analysis, supported by recent comparable sales data.

With this knowledge, you can determine if now or later is the best time for you to sell your business.

Find out how much your business is worth, request your business evaluation today.