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Seller Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my business worth?

A business can be calculated on several factors, and no two results will be exactly alike.

For Main Street Business Sales, the general acceptance is pricing at a multiple of discresionary earnings. This is applied to other like kind business sales to reflect the most probable selling price (MPSP).

Of course other factors will come into play such as trademarks, patents, excess inventory, etc., however the MPSP is usually a benchmark starting point for what the market will assume a business is worth.

For Lower Middle Market Business Sales (>$5M), there are various methods including multiples of EBIT, EBIDTA, discounted cash flow, etc.

At Lobo Business Sales LLC, we discuss your most likely calculation formulas, that will be mirrored by anticipated buyer candidates.

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How long does it take to sell a business?

Per most business for sale websites, the average time to sell a business is 8 to 12 months. This will vary depending on several factors including the pricing, profitability, market, advertising, and general strategy used to sell your business.

At Lobo Business Sales LLC, we utilize a proven methodology that is time tested with successful results.

Our core philosophy is "Every business sale is unique", and this holds true in every exit strategy we accept engagement.

Although no business sale can be guaranteed, we have found our typical timeframe from signed listing agreement to closed sale is within industry standards.

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Do you charge a commission or service fee?

Yes, we charge a commission or bill for service.

For traditional business brokerage listing engagement services, we charge a percentage of gross sale. This is commonly referred to as a commission.

Our standard commission for Main Street Business Sales (< $5M) is 10% of gross sale amount. The terms and conditions are outlined in our listing engagement agreement which is reviewed before signing onboard.

For Lower Middle Market and above (>$5M) we utilize a tier approach, which is referred to as Double Lehman.

All other services provided are billed hourly or as a flat rate at time of requested service.

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Can you sell any type of small business?

The short answer is Yes, as long as it has ample cash flow to support the acquistion debt service, owners salary, and return on investment.

We have experience in selling almost every type of small business from the local area Sports Bar & Grill to very unique niche Manufacturing.

Our representation provides representation for both traditional brick & mortar type of business models, as well as those in the digital space.

Although we typically require a minimum cash-flow from the business of $100K per year, we do have experienced buyers who look to purchase asset only sales as turn-around candidates at discount.

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Do you have any buyers looking to buy now?

Yes, a lot of them.

We have professional relationships with a wide array of private equity groups that want us to supply them with quality acquistion candidates.

In addition, we have a consistant influx and high demand for business acquistions that can be utilized for E2 Visa applications.

Our pool of buyers on the individual side, which include first time to seasoned entrepreners is also available for all our listing engagement services.

Currently through our partnerships, affiliations, and memberships, our buyer pool is over 12,000 who have registered and want to be notified of a business match when available.

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Buy a Business

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Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have businesses with financing?

Yes, we showcase small businesses for sale throughout Florida that have been lender pre-qualified. This is traditionally the SBA 7a loan program, however when there is underlying commercial real estate that accompanies the transaction, our lending avenues expand.

We also have showcased some businesses for sale with seller held financing. Although this typcially requires a larger down payment from the buyer (usually 50% or greater), it does offer a solution for financing that deals direct with the seller.

For Lower Middle Market (> $5M) we can refer financing referral partners which focus on larger scale acquistions.

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How are business earnings determined?

For most Main Street Businesses (<$5M) earnings are typcially reflected on a discresionary basis. This is sometimes referred to as sellers discresionary, sellers net, SDE, and true net.

Whichever terminology is utilized, it is basically the same end point, which is the taxable net plus any add-back adjustments which are discresionary to the owner.

For Lower Middle Market (>$5M) EBIT or EBITDA is commonly referenced.

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Do you charge a commission or service fee?

Yes, we charge a commission on our business acquistion services for buyer representation.

Typcially our commission is payed from the proceeds of the seller. This is common place for those businesses for sale which are listed by a business broker.

For those business which we are pro-actively solicting on your behalf, our commision is rendered by you, the buyer.

Our standard rate for Main Street Transactions ($5M) is 10% of gross sale.

Depending on scope of engagement, we may charge monthly service fees in addition.

All fees our outlined at time of business brokerage engagement for services.

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Can you find me off market businesses for sale?

Yes, and we have several buyers who are already pre-registered with us seeking the same.

This service is typcially for private equity groups and larger acquistions which may not be publically adversited due to the highly confidential status of the potential sale.

We can actively solicit on your behalf and target companies that are for sale but not publically advertised, as well as businesses that haven't even considered selling at this time.

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Do you work with buyers looking for an E2 Visa?

Yes, we welcome those international buyers who would like to participate in the E2 Visa program.

We can provide referral services for immigration attorneys, and other professionals needed based on your particular circumstance.

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