Here's the Steps to Sell your Business.

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Step 1 - Gather your Financials.

Before you do anything, you need to know what the business makes.   Without this, nothing else can happen.   The more precise this can be showcased, the better the chances of selling the business.

Your accountant, bookkeeper or CPA, can normally provide these for you.  

If you are running as a solo operation, you can typically pull your financial reports from various software programs like QuickBooks Online.

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Step 2 - Get a Business Valuation.

Once you have your financials gathered and know what the business makes,  it is time to order a business valuation.  There are several ways to do this, but you should have this done separate from the actually listing a business for sale.  

You can outsource this process through a business broker completing a business evaluation, commonly referred to as a broker price opinion for the most economical approach.  

For more complex or higher level M&A transactions, the utilization of a licensed business appraiser is the best option.  

You can get a business broker price opinion or request a business appraisal here.

Step 3 - Find a Business Broker.

Once you know what the business is generally worth, have the financials in order to support what the business makes, then it is time to get a Business Broker to market the Business for Sale.  

You should use some sort of Intermediary for several reasons, including pre-screening buyers and confidentiality.  

When searching for a Business Broker, you should compare several and decide which one is best for you.

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Step 4 - Prepare your Business for Marketing and Sale.

After finding a Business Broker and signing your engagement agreement, you and your Business Broker should prepare your Business for Sale.  

This will vary in scope depending on the size, market, type, and targeted buyer pool your going to solicit to.  Your Business Broker should be able to guide you through this process and prepare all materials needed.

When you hire Lobo Business Sales LLC to sell your business, we take care of all the marketing and solicitation services to get your business sold, so you can retire, move on to the next project, or simply cash out.

Step 5 - Sell your Business.

When you have completed steps 1 thru 4, it is time to actually sell the business.  Unfortunately,  less than 20% of businesses offered for sale actually end up selling.  There are several factors to this, but usually it is the fault of skipping one of the steps above.  

If you have secured a knowledgeable Business Broker, you should be able to increase your odds of success when selling your business.

So what should you do now?

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