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Step 1.

Do you have a business that someone would be interested in buying?

In today's world, people have many choices.  These choices are typically unlimited in scope and range.  

Simply put - when you offer your business for sale,  you are competing with other like kind businesses which a buyer can choose from.   

What will make your business stand out?  What makes your business better than other options out there?  These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are thinking about selling your business in Tampa, Florida.

A very basic and easy to look at viewpoint is to simply ask yourself,

"Would I buy this business myself?"  If so, why, and if not, why not.

Knowing these general and basic factors can help position your business to be one of the businesses for sale in Tampa, Florida that a buyer actually wants to buy.

Some key questions to ask yourself are:

Keep in mind that most people look to buy a business in Tampa, Florida to IMPROVE their current position - not take on more risk to potentially earn less.  

To have this, a business needs to be making money that can support the anticipated owner salary, the estimated debt payments to purchase the business, and a return on the invested capital to purchase the business (aka, the down payment).

There are some occasions where an experienced buyer may entertain purchasing a business where the earnings are trending down, but this is rare.... very rare.  

Overall, a buyer in today's world is looking to buy a business that is good and improving, not one that has "potential" or "opportunity".

Step 2.

What does the business make in total owner benefit, not taxable income.

The very first question that almost every buyer will want to know when initially inquiring on your business for sale in Tampa, Florida is simply - "What does the Business Make?"

This is typically reflected as the TOTAL OWNER BENEFIT of being the owner of the business, and not just the taxable income of the business.

These numbers can vary GREATLY!

To decipher what a business total owner benefit is, a common practice is to "recast" the earnings.  

This is a calculation which includes adjusting for any benefits that the business pays for, but is actually a "perk" to the business owner.  In addition, any one time costs, non-recurring items, and financing structures are also typically adjusted to formulate the owner benefit of the business.

When you are able to show and clearly prove the total owner benefit to a potential buyer of your business for sale in Tampa, Florida, you increase your odds of successfully selling your business.

Step 3.

What is the business worth?

Businesses values will vary depending on several factors.  These include the point of view (example, seller versus buyer, banker, accountant, attorney, etc.),  the market, and other past comparable sales.

One of the most commonly used approaches of value is a multiple of the discretionary earnings (as mentioned in step 2 above), and applying variable adjustments for factors outside of the earnings.

The multiple is typically a blend of past comparable sales within the same or like kind business sector.

Although there are various ways to research past sales, one of the quickest and most effective is to have a business broker complete a broker price opinion for you.

This is Step 4.

Step 4.

List your business for sale with a business broker.

There are a host of benefits you can enjoy by listing your business with a business broker in Tampa, Florida which can typically offset the commission fee paid for the service.

Some of the benefits with listing your business for sale with a Tampa, Florida Business Broker are as follows:

Just like having a house on the MLS increases the likely successful sale of the house, so does a business on the MLS system.  The main difference is you want your business offered on the BUSINESS MLS system, not a MLS for residential real estate.  Big Difference!

In summary, the best way to sell a business in Tampa, Florida is to hire a business broker!

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