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We have Buyers looking to Buy Businesses Now.

Yes - we have buyers, a lot of them.

Sometimes what a buyer may be looking for, isn't currently on the market.  In these circumstances, they register with us to be notified when a potential match may become available.

There are times where we might not even have to place your business on the market, because we ALREADY HAVE YOUR BUYER NOW.


All of our registered buyers at Lobo Business Sales LLC have provided a financial statement to us, and are not "tire kickers" just looking to waste time.

Yes - these are REAL buyers, with REAL money, and most have enough available funds to buy with cash offers if they decide to.

For those who need to utilize financing, they have already been pre-screened by professional financial and lending institutions to secure financing.  This is most commonly with the SBA 7a or 504 programs.

We have serious buyers, with the financial and experience to buy your business.

Our buyers consider purchases of profitable businesses in the upper main street to lower middle market arenas, which is typcially in the price ranges of $500K to $25 Million. 

We generally do not represent business transfers below $500K or of businesses which are not profitable / breakeven.  For these businesses, we can provide a referral to a licensed business broker who specializes in these main street transfers. You can request a referral here.

In addition, our buyers know what the market valuations are.  They are not "low-ballers" looking to waste your time tossing out ridiculous offers.

Our buyers are seeking quality businesses to purchase, which fit their pre-determined parameters or scale / growth objectives.

They typcially pay market or slight premium to market for quality businesses.

We also have access to the pool of buyers who have pre-registered through our cooperative broker network.  As of this update, that buyer pool is OVER 6000 registered.  Although these buyers may have been registered outside of Lobo Business Sales LLC, it does provide yet another start base to find a potential buyer to purchase your business.


We have buyers, and they are looking for quality businesses to buy now.

If you are considering selling your business now or in the future and you have a business that is profitable with minium gross sales of $500K, we can provide you with Professional Business Brokerage solutions to Sell your Business by offering to our pre-registered buyers and the marketplace too.

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